19 December 2017

Battery recycling project

WEAL Community Charitable Foundation has provided the residents of Berezovsky municipality with the opportunity to dispose of their used batteries in a way that is completely harmless for the local environment. Collected batteries will be sent to “Megapolisresource”, the only battery recycling plant in Russia.

You can dispose of batteries by putting them into special containers at the drop-off stations of Berezovsky town. Soon the number of drop-off stations will double for your convenience.

drop-off station ADDress list:

1. “Maestro Vin” store,  6A Sportivnaia St.

2. “Flagman” store, 16 Gagarina St.,  

3. “Flagman” store, 44 Mira St.,  

4. “BezyozaMebel.rf” store, 9 Vostochnaia St.,  

5. “Kodak” store, 5 Gagarina St.,  

6. “Maestro Vin” store, 4a Lipovaia St.,  

7. “Dobry les” store, 3 Krasnykh Geroev St.,

8. “Berezovsky Worker” Newspaper Office,  9 Krasnykh Geroev St.,  

9. “Flagman” store, 115a Krasnykh Geroev St.,  

10. “Flagman” store, 131a Lenina St., 

11. “Flagman” store, 8 Ovoschnoie otdelenie St.,  

12. “Flagman” store, 45 Pervomaiskiy Av., 

13. Creativity Centre, Smirnova St.